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Limited Edition Candles

East Township Road 58 - 12oz Candle

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I grew up in a very small town in Ohio, in the country, in a log cabin. Stacking firewood in the basement was a yearly chore, catching salamanders by the creek is an embedded memory, and riding the four wheeler in the neighboring woods was my definition of fun. The earthy smells of the country always take me back to those childhood days.

I recently learned that my cousin, Mark Levans, began to take a break from his career in Graphic Design and started his own pottery business, Creative Pottery. After testing out a few samples, I landed on this two-toned beauty. Every piece of pottery is hand made in my hometown of Tiffin, OH and no two are the same. 

This double wicked 11.5oz candle gives notes of fir needlepatchouli, and sage, and is intended to give you earthy notes of fresh cut wood with a hint of creamy vanilla.

All Bella Laine candles are made with 100% all natural soy wax from US grown soy beans, have a cotton with paper fiber wick, and contain purified fragrance oils and quality essential oils.