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Beautiful Boobies - 8.5oz Candle

During the month of October, awareness is raised about the life changing impacts of breast cancer and is a month that is supported worldwide. As women, we are born with these beautiful pairs that we have no control over how they are positioned, proportioned, or when cancer decides to pay a visit. These pairs can cause us discomfort, make us feel beautiful, and/or make us self conscious, but despite it all, every pair is beautiful and unique. 

This 8.5oz candle is filled with floral notes of gardenia and green leaves, and hints of aloe and patchouli.

Each pair is different, unique, and not like another. Upon purchase, I will be randomly picking a beautiful pair of boobies to send. If you prefer a certain look, please send me an email with your name that's on the order and your "pair preference". 

All Bella Laine candles are made with 100% all natural soy wax from US grown soy beans, have a cotton with paper fiber wick, and contain purified fragrance oils and quality essential oils.