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Key West Melody - 16oz Candle

Key West is a place that's known for its warmth and sunshine. An island where music bellows from most bars and restaurants. A One Human Family that celebrates everything from accomplishments to onesies. When December comes along, there's never a night that there isn't an unlimited bar tab Christmas party. A slice of paradise that lifts each other up with small business support and charities for those in need, but won't ask for the help. Without each of these single notes, Key West wouldn't be Key West. 

This 16oz double wick candle is spiked with champagne, celebrated with juniper, and splashed with warm vanilla

All Bella Laine candles are made with 100% all natural soy wax from US grown soy beans, have a cotton with paper fiber wick, and contain purified fragrance oils and quality essential oils.