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Key West Pottery Collaboration - Purple Face

I had the pleasure of hosting the owners of Key West Pottery, Adam and Kelly, along with their team and their two boys for a candle pouring event where they each created their very own scent within the glass vessel that Kelly had carefully picked for everyone. Each scent that was created was unique and different and fit each personality. I was preparing to head to New York City for the month of June and I would be spending one of my weeks as a vendor at the Chelsea Market. With that week landing on New York City's gay pride celebrations, I decided to collaborate with Key West Pottery and fill each of their abstract face mugs with the scents that were created at their event in the series of the rainbow.

This 23oz candle is filled with solid notes of Anise and Peppermint, with hints of Eucalyptus and was created by the partner to their sales associate, Gary. When Gary's partner, Michael, was creating this scent, he said he wanted it to smell like he was at the head of the Italian table. Sambuca is the first thing I think of when smelling this creation. The wax contains a toxin-free and phthalate-free blue dye.

All Bella Laine candles are made with 100% all natural soy wax from US grown soy beans, have a cotton with paper fiber wick, and contain purified fragrance oils and quality essential oils.