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One day when I was getting ready in front of the mirror, I was telling myself in my head, “I wish that dimple wasn’t on my thigh.” “I wish my stomach didn’t have this curve.” “I wish my cheeks were more defined.” and the list goes on. That very moment I realized that I am constantly criticizing my own body daily instead of appreciating everything that it’s capable of and has done thus far. That is the exact moment that the idea and inspiration happened to create this piece.

As women, many of us have the “I wish..” moments when it comes to our bodies, and at times it stems from whatever is trending at the moment. One month having the “coke bottle” figure is in, then the following month that’s too curvy. One month having full luscious lips is in, then the following month that’s too fake. One month having a thick bottom is seen as attractive, then the following month you’re getting told you’re overweight. The constant “trending” themes throughout the social media world have begun to take such a toll on how we wish our bodies could look instead of appreciating how our bodies do look.

Medium: Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Diamond Dust, Paper, Plaster

Size: 12" x 12"